Friday, October 31, 2014

halloween in atl

Good morning from Atlanta!

Sorry for the late post, my plans for Friday changed rather suddenly last night. I'm visiting my friend Whitney this weekend and originally had a flight out of NYC at 5pm today- but then  I realized it would be possible (aka not the end of the world) to miss class today and it would make things A LOT easier and less stressful for me to fly in earlier. So after a crazy day yesterday, I got home around 8 last night, called Delta and was changed to a 7am flight this morning. A little early and not totally ideal but I had to take what I could get!

So I packed a suitcase in 30 minutes and set my alarm for 4:25am and went straight to bed.

And now I'm here, cozied up at Caribou Coffee getting some school and Nutshell work done before Whitney picks me up around 3 after she gets off work.

I'm being Jane Fonda for Halloween- this should be fun.

I'll be back Monday with a more substantial post and Q&A Friday will return next week!
Have a fabulous Halloween weekend friends!