Friday, December 19, 2014

Q & A friday: two-thirds a nurse

We made it through our second semester or nursing school, and 21 credits later, we’re now two-thirds a nurse! I kind of can’t believe it. While on one hand it feels like I just packed my life into a rental car, left Charlottesville, and moved to the city, I also feel like I’ve been here for much longer than 7 months because we’ve learned SO much.  

I remember our first clinical day back in June when I was nervous to take a blood pressure and now we’re giving injections and changing trachs and all that fun stuff.  I just finished up my community rotation, which was an amazing experience. I did my clinical rotation at an outpatient clinic at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. We saw such a diverse patient population, got to practice hands on nursing skills and met the coolest patients with such incredible and encouraging life stories.  After break, I’ll have my OB/GYN rotation (so excited!) and then med/surg followed by an intense six-week integration where we work as a “nurse” for 6 weeks doing three 12 hour shifts (day or night shift) and then we graduate and sit for the NCLEX. Only five more months till we’re RNs!

Finals went well and I’m not only excited to be done for the semester, but I’m so looking forward to being home for a couple weeks and then having a few weeks in the city to just play without having to do school. We have a full five weeks off and I feel so, so grateful for that. I’m also so happy to be home for a couple weeks, spending sweet time with my family and just resting from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I’ve gotten several emails about just general life questions so I thought I’d answer them in a blog post instead of a video. I do like sharing bits and pieces of my life on this space, but I do like keeping some of my life private :) So keeping that in mind, I’ll answer them the best I can!

How many siblings do you have and how old are they? What is your family like?

I have four brothers, a 32 year old older brother, two twin 28 year old brothers, a 23 year old little brother and now a sister-in-law since my oldest brother got married this summer. I can’t imagine growing up with anything other than four brothers. Our childhood was chaotic and loud and mischievous and sometimes obnoxious and full of adventure….oh, my sweet momma. My parents divorced when I was six and momma Coale raised us up on her own on her teacher’s salary. Yea, I don’t really know how that worked either. She’s amazing. I didn’t have your typical, American family and I wouldn’t change that for anything. My childhood shaped who I am and my perspective on life. We might not have had a lot of money or “things” but momma Coale definitely gave us experiences and lots of love. I grew up going to and playing in Little League games, cross-country meets, wearing hand me downs, and LOTS of road trips. I remember taking trips out west to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Franciso, Jackson Hole, Colorado Springs and many summers were spent in Pennsacola, FL. Lots of good times. My mom told me over Thanksgiving break that she was embarrassed to take all five of us out in public at once because she never knew what would happen. I’ll leave it at that.

What about dating?

Ha. I don’t share really any of my dating life on this blog. Mostly because it's not what I like writing about, but I'll share a bit. In short, I dated a guy when I first moved to Charlottesville which ended during my second year there- after that relationship ended, I did my fair share of dating that following fall and winter and then for lots of reasons, I took a long break and focused on building community and investing in relationships outside of men…aka I met some of my very best girl friends who are very close to my heart. And then last fall and winter I dated again, but it didn’t develop into a serious relationship. And now I’m in New York and very single! And everyone here dates online and I’m like “ummmm, I don’t think so…” But everyone does, so who knows! In the meantime, I’m hoping the good Lord just brings a one-of-a-kind man to my doorstep…

Were you always a healthy eater?

No, no and nooooo. We grew up eating typical, home cooked food. Spaghetti, tacos, BLTs, lasagna, etc etc. And I always remember going to Taco Bell on weekend afternoons and eating soft tacos (no lettuce, only meat and cheese) or Fazoli's (omggg have you eaten a breadstick from there?!) on busy weeknights and my little brother and I would eat breadsticks and Italian lemon ices. #superfoods

Overall, we didn't eat a ton of fast food and processed food, but we didn't eat super healthy either. I feel like the nineties were full of processed food, but I always describe my mom's cooking like Rachel Ray. Not super healthy but just good, home cooked food. Now our family eats more "real food" where if we're having pizza, my brother makes amazing home made dough and we have good quality cheese and organic, antibiotic free meats and organic veggies when we can. I got all gung-ho about real food in college and sort of rubbed off on my family. My brothers rolled their eyes at me at first, but now they totally appreciate it and love good food too :)

What's your personality type?

I wasn't quite sure how to answer this one? If you have ever taken the Meyer's Briggs personality test then you'll know what I'm talking about, but if you haven't...well you should take it. After I took it I felt totally justified in all my it was okay to be weak in some areas because I was stronger in others. Anywho, I'm an ESFP- so an extroverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving person. I'm somebody who doesn't like structure and routine and is much more comfortable going with the flow. I'm not detail oriented AT ALL and prefer working in teams, not independently (the only thing I'd love to change about having a private practice is not working alone- hopefully in the future!).  I'm optimistic, which is wonderful but that can also be a hard thing because I get really overwhelmed with negative thoughts and possibilities. And that can make it hard for me to grasp the reality of a situation if it's not a positive one. I love that my best friends are very realistic because it reals me in when I'm like, "but it's going to fine guys, everything's great" and they're like "actually, it won't be fine and we need to figure it out." I tend to live more presently and don't think about the future as much which can be a good thing, but definitely can be a bad thing too since I don't think about the long term as much as I should. I've also found that I thrive on human connection, deep conversations and genuinely like being in the presence of other people. If I need some down time, I often like someone else to be around- I might not want to talk, but I like the comfort of having people there. I tend to get restless and lonely if I'm by myself for too long. But overall, I love meeting new people and one of my favorite things is getting to know somebody over a cup of coffee.

And I'm totally not punctual, but I'm a work in progress on that one. My friends know to expect me in a 15 minute window and that I won't always know all the details about things. But I've learned to be honest with myself (and others) about it and that's helped me to see it as something to work on and realize that I'm stronger in other areas and that's okay.

And that's a wrap!

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Over the next couple of weeks while I'm home I'll be posting but it might not be my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. During time with my fam, I just don't want to feel strapped to a posting schedule, but rather if I feel compelled to write- I will. Come the New Year though, everything will be back in full swing and I'm excited about it!