Friday, November 21, 2014

Q & A friday!

Good morning! This video has been the death of me, after five separate recordings I finally got it this morning!

I am really looking forward to GOING HOME this week for Thanksgiving! I actually surprised momma coale and told her last week that I was coming home this year so it feels extra special. I haven't been home in three years for Thanksgiving because of the expense of flying from Charlottesville and not having enough time off to make the drive home. But my heart hurts just thinking about missing another holiday with my family, so I found a cheap flight and fly out tomorrow morning!

I'm actually flying into Chicago to visit college friends for the weekend (plus it is so inexpensive to fly from NYC to Chicago) and then my sweet momma is picking me up in Chicago on Sunday and I will spend the week in Indy.

I can't wait to cook and bake and relax in front of our fireplace and just be home. There is nothing sweeter. I hope you guys are looking forward to Thanksgiving too!

This week we are chatting about exercise + hypothyroidism, nutrition + blue corn chips, getting a regular menstrual cycle after being on birth control, and how to lose weight without wacking out your metabolism.

I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!