and baby carrots with almond butter

Filling up our bodies with nourishing foods, mostly plants, 80-90% of the time is awesome. Stress and worry are just as unhealthy if not more damaging to our health than a food that “isn’t clean.” Trust me, stress and worry does all kinds of crazy to our hormones.

There’s a lot of misleading illustrations of what a healthy day of eating looks like and how much food is adequate to fuel our bodies. With all the healthy living blogs there’s a lot of room for comparison and I think we have to filter what we read and see. We need to be fueled with wholesome food and enough food for our body’s to utilize energy efficiently and to have enough energy and to maintain a menstrual cycle.

favorite dinners // two fried eggs over sauteed veggies in coconut oil with collards topped with avocado and a spelt flat bread with melt spread [fav ever!]
sweet potato nachos topped with avocado, salsa, and nutritional yeast

 And restricting and being so high strung about food only creates more stress and unhappiness.
Life is so much more enjoyable when you can go with the flow, enjoy food but not let it run your life.
Say yes to a spontaneous dinner date. Joyfully chow down on the banana bread your friend brought you. Go to a restaurant somebody else picked out without having a clue what’s on the menu. Eat a catered lunch without worrying what’s in everything.
and I always, always eat a night time snack // popcorn popped in coconut oil or dark chocolate with banana and PB or banana bread topped with PB and chocolate chips

That’s food freedom.

And it isn’t a diet.
Healthy living is awesome and wonderful and great and it’s something I’m so very passionate about. But we can’t confuse healthy living with what’s actually a restrictive diet.
Life’s too short.
And really, who likes to follow rules?



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