1. Thanks for your post Connie! Just finished the first week of my senior year in a DPD program and I can already feel the uphill struggle to keep a weight neutral approach a part of the conversation. I would love the chance to look over the lit review you did if you’re interested in sharing!

  2. I think I need so much more of that time for self care and reflection and study, because I still feel really intimidated about sharing my perspective of health at every size, intuitive eating, and getting away from diet culture. I usually just keep my opinions to myself, and though I feel pretty solid in them myself, I would like to bless others and try to help change the conversation. God really worked on me and showed me that intuitive eating is the way He made us, and I want to share that with others; sometimes I’m not quite sure how to do it, but I would love to find more women locally or on FaceBook that I could get advice from! Thank you Connie for this reminder that we need that support.

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